Our Commitment

Our Commitment to Environment and to Our Customers.

Reuse, reduce, recyle. All the water used to clean and wash our aloe is recycled back into the fields to help with water conservation. 

Carefully inspected. We don’t stop at just hand filleting, we also inspect our aloe by hand to ensure only inner-leaf aloe vera gel makes it into our products.

Hand picked for quality. Every one of our aloe plants is hand harvested, so that each leaf is guaranteed to be cut from the plant at the absolute best time. 

Harvesting the Right Variety

We only grow and harvest Aloe Barbadensis Miller. It’s the most nutritionally valuable variety of aloe that nourishes the body inside and out.

Fast Facts About Our Products


Our state-of-the-art aseptic manufacturing process allows us to produce our best-selling aloe gel drinks preservative free.

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We’ve invested over $21 million in the latest equipment advancements to help us meet growing demand globally.

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Our manufacturing equipment includes VMI mixing technology, cosmetic tube filling equipment and a drink manufacturing line.

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We’ve spent over $4 million to make sure our nutritional product manufacturing is precise and efficient.

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We use clinically tested ingredients, with innovative technology.

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Thanks to our advanced manufacturing processes, we are able to meet global demand and produce millions of products every year.

Despite our global demand we are a family owned operation!! We keep our values for improving people’s lives as the highest priority for over 40 years.